Your cat.

Okay, so we might not actually do a lot of daily cat walks here at Park Cities Pet Sitter.  But if your cat(s) happens to love being walked on a leash every day, we are more than happy to do so!
But seriously, we know it is a privilege to be allowed into your home, and to care for your cat(s)—one of the truest loves of your life.   In this intimate setting, we get to see the things about your cat(s) that made you fall in love with them.

From the grey tabby that gets his own water glass set out each day;
To the fluffy orange cat we have to hide shoes from because he eats shoelaces;
To the dainty Himalayan who “talks” to us when we brush her;
To the grumpy old man kitty that spits out all of the pills we try to give him at least once;
To the diabetic kitty who so graciously tolerates insulin injections;
To the shy kitty that doesn’t come out very much from under the bed when we visit.

They are your soul mates, your best friends, your family. Caring for them is our passion. We know dogs get a lot of attention in the pet care world because of their different set of needs, but we want to make sure you know that your cat is never “the forgotten pet” while in our care.

At Park Cities Pet Sitter, we will always be thankful for the litter scattered on the floor, the sandpaper kisses, and the hair on our clothes…because it means we made a difference in the life of your cat.
And in yours.