Since Park Cities Pet Sitter first entered the Dallas dog walking services space back in 1992, we have really worked on perfecting our customer service focus, while simultaneously being a rewarding place to work for our staff.

This means a heavy focus on training our Dallas dog walkers in our policies and procedures, safety protocols and dog behavior.  It also means figuring out the most efficient ways to schedule our Dallas dog walker team so they are spending as much time doing the most rewarding part of the job—interacting with pets—and less time driving all around town from job to job.

As a result, we have developed a business model where we hire our Dallas dog walkers based on where they currently live.  When we have an increase in Dallas dog walking clients in particular neighborhoods like Uptown, or Preston Hollow or Bluffview, we then begin to look for new dog walking team members that live in or adjacent to those neighborhoods.

When we find a dog walking candidate that lives in or near Uptown, for example, and they really want to be an Uptown dog walker for our company, if hired, they will service our dog walking clients that reside in or near Uptown.  This makes their job commute to our Uptown dog walking clients really short, which of course tends to increase job satisfaction! It also means they can accept more Uptown dog walking assignments because they aren’t spending a large part of their day driving around in their car to Plano or to Lake Highlands or Oak Cliff for dog walking assignments in those neighborhoods.  We don’t need to send the Uptown dog walker to Plano, because we already have Plano dog walker(s) there that are fully capable of handling our clients in that area.

Another benefit to using this kind of a system for hiring Dallas dog walkers and assigning our Dallas dog walking clients to each walker is that we know our clients want consistency from a dog walking service. No client would knowingly choose to have a different dog walker in their home each day, and that is more likely a scenario for companies that assign their Dallas dog walking jobs using a different method.  With PCPSI, we have a team of 40 dog walkers that cover our entire service area.  That typically means having 2 or 3 dog walkers for each suburban area.  So, we have a tiny cluster of Lakewood dog walkers, a tiny cluster of Plano dog walkers, University Park dog walkers, and so on.  95% of the time, these small groups of walkers are working only with our clients that live in the same suburbs they do, so they get to see the same client pets daily, if needed.  This is how Park Cities Pet Sitter becomes part of the family!

We know proximity breeds comfort to clients and job satisfaction for our dog walkers.  Clients that live in Highland Park love having a Highland Park dog walker that knows their neighborhood, their neighbors, the best parks to romp in and walking routes with the most things to sniff.  And for us that also helps us develop genuine relationships with the clients we serve because they see the same one or two dog walkers all of the time.  It is also easier for our dog walkers to develop relationships with the human clients and the four-legged (or three legged!) clients we serve, if they are serving the same group of clients day in and day out.  So, utilizing the system we developed to assign each dog walker to clients in or near where they live, has been an integral part of our success in the Dallas dog walking market.

If you know a pet-loving individual that would be a great dog walker candidate for our company, please send them to the Join Our Team tab on our website.