Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc. Service Terms and Conditions

We pet sit every day of the year;
however, our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-4pm Fridays.

These Terms and Conditions will take effect on December 10th, 2019 for users who became a PCPSI client prior to December 3rd, 2019 and are effective immediately for all other users.  If you signed up with PCPSI prior to December 3rd, 2019 our prior client agreements will continue to apply until December 10th, 2019.  After that date, your continued use of PCPSI services will be governed by these Terms.  


Effective December 10, 2019, updated August 13, 2022

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Park Cities Pet Sitter Inc. (PCPSI) website, any PCPSI web-based or mobile application, content, products and other services offered by PCPSI as well as PCPSI offered services through third parties integrating PCPSI functionality (collectively, the “Services”).  PCPSI (“PCPSI“, Company”, “we” or “us”) provides the Services. “You” refers to you as a user of the Services. 

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Texas, excluding its conflicts of law provision.  In case of a dispute, parties will agree to submit to mediation, in good faith, prior to initiating any litigation. Mediator(s) chosen must follow the American Arbitration Association’s rules and mediation procedures.  


  1. Acceptance of These Terms and Conditions.

By entering into these Terms and Conditions, and/or by using or accessing the Services, you expressly acknowledge that you understand and accept all of its terms.  By using the Services, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you may not use or access the Services.  


  1. Changes to These Terms and Conditions.  

PCPSI may, in its sole discretion, amend the Terms and Conditions, and modify or update the Services from time to time. If we change these Terms and Conditions, we will give you notice by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on the PCPSI website and via email notification.  Please review the PCPSI website periodically to ensure you are up-to-date with any changes. Those changes will go into effect on the revision date shown in the revised Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of the Services will constitute your acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions. 


  1. Liability: Pet and Home Care.  

PCPSI carries general liability insurance and bonding.  It is understood that PCPSI and its employees and independent contractors will not be liable for injury, disappearance or death of any pet(s) unless due to gross negligence.  It is understood and agreed that none of PCPSI or its employees or independent contractors shall be held responsible for any damage to Client’s property, or that of others caused by Client’s pet(s) during the period in which they are in its care unless due to gross negligence.  PCPSI will not be responsible for any damages to house or pets if client chooses for PCSPI to share pet sitting and home care duties with a 3rd party (friend, relative, neighbor, etc.).  

Client expressly warrants that his/her pet(s) have no bite or vicious history. Further, Client agrees to pay for any medical care expenses or damages to persons or property caused by his/her pet(s), and agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend PCPSI and its employees and independent contractors from any claims seeking to impose liability on PCPSI, its employees and independent contractors arising from the actions of the owner or the owner’s pet(s), whether bite or vicious history exists or not.


3a.  Liability: Individual and Group Dog Training.  

Client releases PCPSI of any liability arising from their dog’s attendance and participation in dog training including but not limited to: any injury, death, sickness or property damage suffered by them personally, by their dog, or by a third party during or after training.  

Client assumes all responsibility for the dog’s behavior during and after the training program.  Client understands and accepts that the PCPSI trainer is not a substitute for veterinary, animal behavior, or legal advice, and the PCPSI trainer is not a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.  All behavioral advice and training suggestions are provided at the client’s own risk. Use of this information is voluntary. As dogs are animals, and thus their behavior cannot always be predicted, client acknowledges that training outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Client further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the PCPSI trainer and PCPSI for any injuries, claims, loss, expenses or damages caused by the direct or indirect use of the PCPSI trainer’s services. 

Clients participating in group dog training classes affirm that their dog’s vaccinations are current (including rabies).


  1. Reservations: Scheduling Service 

All requests for future service must be made via the methods below.  PCPSI will not accept service request that have not been made via one of these methods.

Reservations can be made:

  • Via our online scheduling software: accessible via our website here.
    Note: our online system can only accept reservations made with more than 72 hours notice.  If you need service earlier than that, please call or email with your request;
  • Via email: by emailing;
  • Via telephone: by calling our main office number, 214-828-0192;

The sitter assigned to your Service does not control their schedule and cannot accept any reservations, changes or cancellations.  Please do not contact them for anything scheduling related.

If you have an emergency or need service with less than 24-hour notice, please call 214-828-0192 and hit Option 3 or follow the instructions found on our website at

Only individuals that have been designated by the Client on record may make or change reservations.  

Please make your NON-HOLIDAY reservations at least 72 hours in advance.  While we try to be as accommodating as possible, we cannot guarantee service without adequate notice.  Service booked with less than 24-hour notice will be subject to last minute fees.  During National Holidays, we recommend that reservations be made as early as possible to ensure availability.  Reservations made less than two weeks in advance of the holiday week will be subject to last minute booking fees. 

Generally, confirmations for reservations will be made within 24-72 hours after receiving the reservation.  If you DO NOT receive a confirmation within that time, please call or email us.

We recommend that you book Overnights and Extended Tuck-In services at least one to two months in advance, as personnel are limited. ALL Overnight and Tuck-In service is subject to a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.  Overnight and Extended Tuck-In service cancellations, during a holiday period, must be made two weeks prior to avoid a FULL charge for the booking. No refunds will be given on Overnight and Extended Tuck-In service after the job has been started during a holiday period.


Current Last-Minute Fee Schedule:

Less than 24-hour notice for non-holiday period – $10

Same day service for non-holiday period – $15

Less than two weeks notice before holiday period – $15

Less than one week notice before holiday period – $25

Additional fees may be charged for rendering service outside of route areas, for administering certain medications, for watering a large number of plants, for providing extended service for emergencies or clean up, for providing service before 7a.m or after 9 p.m., or for other special considerations.  


Holiday Fees:

a $5/visit surcharge will be charged on these holidays below, and including some days around these holidays.  Please refer to this page on our website, under “Additional Fees” to see all days where these fees will be levied. 

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day 
  • New Year’s Eve

Fees are subject to change, with or without notice, for future service as deemed by PCPSI.  Any additional fees or discounts may be applied when applicable.

Due to liability, we will not be able to provide service if there will be anyone under the age of 18 on the client property without adult supervision.  If a sitter arrives and there is an unsupervised minor on property, the sitter will leave and there will be no credit for the attempted visit.  


  1. Reservations: Cancellations.

A 24-hour notice for all NON-HOLIDAY cancellations is required. There is no refund for service that is canceled same day.  However, the remainder of the visits beyond that will be held as a credit.    

During the holiday period (determined by the office), ALL cancellations (except for Overnight and Tuck-In service) should be made at least one week prior to scheduled service to avoid any charges or fees.  During the holiday period, last-minute cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the entire service total.  No refunds will be given for service during the holiday period after the job has been started. 


  1. Payment.

Payment is due at the time of service.  You can add your credit card(s) or ACH information to your online PCPSI profile for ease of payment.  We accept MC/VISA/AMEX/DISC, cash and checks. If payment is not made at the time of service, you will be subject to a late payment fee.   We charge $35 for all checks returned to us.  

Past due balances shall bear interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month.  Client agrees to reimburse PCPSI for any and all expenses, including, without limitation, legal expenses and collection agency fees, incurred by PCPSI in collecting past-due amounts owed it by Client.


  1. Client, Pet, Home and Emergency Contact Info.

It is the client’s responsibility to update all of their own contact, pet, pet care, home care, payment and emergency contact information, as it changes, in the online PCPSI web portal. 


  1. PCPSI Sitters.

You may contact your sitter(s) directly to discuss the details of your service as it pertains to the care of your pet(s) and home.  Please do not contact them about scheduling, as they do not control their schedules and are unable to accept any reservations or changes.  

 Please do not solicit our sitters for service outside of Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc.  Doing so may result in their immediate termination.  Similarly, per their Employment Agreement, our sitters are under a non-compete for one year after they leave PCPSI where they may not work for any client (either directly or indirectly) that they have serviced while working for our company.  Should you disregard this policy and hire one of our sitters directly, please be advised you are no longer protected under our bonding and liability insurance, and will no longer be guaranteed service if something happens to that sitter.  If your sitter solicits you directly to provide pet services outside of our company, please do not hesitate to report it to our office.


  1. House Keys, Fobs, Key Cards & Property Access Devices.  

These Terms authorize PCPSI to enter Client’s home to provide all services.    

For ease of service it is best to keep your key(s) on file with our office.  We find that it is much safer than leaving keys outside of the house, under a mat or in a mailbox.  We request that you leave 2 keys on file, one for our office and one for your sitter.  If Client does not provide two keys, PCPSI reserves the right to have a duplicate made of the single key, and may charge client a $20.00 fee.  

If you choose not to keep your key on file, we can make arrangements for your sitter to pick up or drop off the key, for an additional fee.  Another alternative is dropping the key off to one of our office locations.  We are happy to drop your key through a mail slot upon completing our visits, but keep in mind that if you are detained, we will have no way to re-enter your home, and you may need to call a locksmith at your expense.  

If we must go through a concierge or leasing office to secure devices to access your home on each visit, please keep in mind that the time we spend doing so is considered part of the visit time and thus takes away from the time we spend with your pet(s).  If waits to secure such devices are lengthy, there may be an additional charge for extra time needed, if it exceeds the standard visit length.  

Client agrees that PCPSI will retain keys and any necessary access devices, properly secured, to Client’s property until Client wishes the return of said keys and/or devices.  On a new Client’s first set of service dates, the Client will not be charged additional fees for the return of said keys and/or devices. Should any Client access device malfunction, Client authorizes PCPSI to retain services of a locksmith to gain entry.  If malfunction is no fault of PCPSI, Client agrees to reimburse PCPSI for all costs incurred. For homes with electronic-only home entry methods or for homes with 24-hour concierge services to provide key(s) for entry, details on home access must be provided in advance.  


  1. Times of Visits, Parking & Pet Supplies.

When scheduling visits, we require a reasonable window of time for each visit (usually a two-hour window).  While we cannot commit to exact times, we can usually accommodate a pet’s daily routine.  

It is the client’s responsibility to provide reasonable parking options/access in order for our staff to provide services.  In instances where parking is unavailable on site (on or near property), PCPSI reserves the right to charge for the additional time needed to secure parking and walk to the client property.  If a staff member is required to pay to park, the client agrees to reimburse PCPSI for all parking charges.

We ask that you maintain adequate supplies on hand to last the entire length of the service.  If you run out of something, we will replace it.  However, a shopping fee will be charged in addition to the actual cost of the food or supplies.


  1. Providing Service: Pet and Home Care. 

PCPSI agrees to provide services to Client in a reliable, trustworthy, and caring manner.  Service will be performed as outlined in the Client, Home and Pet Detail records in your online PCPSI account.   

Walking Pets.  We walk most dogs that enjoy walking. Unfortunately, some dogs don’t walk well on a leash.  If we find that a dog fights the leash, pulls constantly, chases after other animals, or shows aggressive behavior towards others, we may not be able to walk safely.  If a PCPSI staff member notifies our office staff of a potentially unsafe walking situation, we will reach out to you to discuss potential solutions.  Also, we realize that some dogs are great off leash.  However, while they are in our care and not in a secure area (your home or back yard), they must remain on a leash at all times in order to comply with City Ordinance and to ensure everyone’s safety.  

Most city ordinances require that all animal waste be picked up in public/common areas.  Please provide your sitter with bags and let them know where they should be disposed.
For safety reasons, we do not allow our staff to walk pets using a retractable leash.  Please provide a standard 4-or-6-foot leash as an alternative.


Dog Parks.  For health and safety reasons, we do not allow our staff to take client dogs to dog parks.

Sick Pets.  If you have an aged, infirmed or pet that requires medication, please discuss your pet’s special needs with us in advance.  If we feel that your pet is showing additional signs of illness or we are having difficulty medicating them, we may take them to their veterinarian or the nearest emergency vet clinic.  We will attempt to contact you in advance prior to doing so, but we never take chances with sick or injured pets.  If the Client’s pet(s) become ill while under the care of PCPSI, Client authorizes PCPSI to transport their pet(s) to Client’s veterinarian (or one who is available), if this is needed in PCPSI’s best judgment. Client agrees to be solely responsible for the payment of all vet bills, and agrees to reimburse PCPSI for any veterinary charges incurred.  Client releases PCPSI and its employees or independent contractors from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and/or expense arising from veterinarian care.  

Emergency Care.  In the event of severe weather, or state of emergency, Client authorizes PCPSI to use its best judgment in caring for the pet(s) and home.  PCPSI and its employees and independent contractors shall be held harmless from consequences related to such decisions.  

Shared Responsibility.  PCPSI requires the name and contact information of any person(s) sharing pet and home care duties with our staff.  We also require a written log on site that details what services were performed and when by each party.  

We will not be responsible for any damages to house or pets when others are going to share the workload.  If we suspect that the other party we are sharing service with is not performing their duties, PCPSI reserves the right to add additional visits and will charge the client accordingly.  

Plant Watering.  From May through September, we will only water outdoor plants prior to 10:00am or after 6pm each day for the health and well-being of the plants.  We are not plant experts, and we will not be held responsible for plants that are damaged or die during our care.

Substitutions.  If for any reason a requested sitter is not available, PCPSI will arrange for another employee or contractor to fulfill its Service responsibility.   PCPSI cannot guarantee in all circumstances that the Client will be notified or meet the substituted employee or contractor prior to the Service. 

Use of Bathrooms.  PCPSI staff tries to keep use of client bathrooms to a minimum when providing service, but there are times when it is unavoidable to use them.


11a.  Providing Service: Individual and Group Dog Training. 

Fees and Scheduling.  All dog fees are payable in advance to secure your dog trainer’s time.  The dog owner/agent will be responsible for purchasing all necessary equipment that the trainer recommends as part of the training program (when applicable).  

Individual dog training sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the client and the trainer. The day and time for the next session should be scheduled at the close of each session.  If problems outside the control of the client or the trainer prohibit a scheduled session, please notify the PCPSI office within 24 hours or more of the training session to reschedule. If you do cancel a training session with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for that session. 

Group dog training sessions are to be held weekly at the predetermined time/place.  Sessions will be rescheduled only due to inclement weather or dog trainer illness. Client understands that once payment has been made for the group training class that their spot is being held; no refunds will be given for cancelations that occur 48 hours or less from the first day of the training class. Our group dog training classes are conducted outdoors, so classes may occasionally need to be postponed a week or rescheduled to other dates due to weather.  When signing up please factor in that the class series could take up to 3 additional weeks to complete if we get rained out–and that we do not provide refunds for missed classes that are pushed out or rescheduled due to weather.   

Successful Training Habits.  Goals and priorities for training will be decided jointly between you and the trainer. The purpose of a trainer is to teach YOU how to train your dog.  If, at any time, you are not satisfied with the procedures, goals, or other elements of the training program, then please notify your trainer immediately. You and your trainer will then mutually agree to adjust your training program as needed.  The success or failure of a dog training program is based primarily on your willingness and ability to work with your dog at least 20-30 minutes every day, or as instructed by your trainer.  

Safety.  If your dog has any known aggressive behavior history with other dogs (both co-habiting dogs and those outside of the home) and/or towards other animals or humans, it must be disclosed prior to beginning training.  This includes, but is not limited to, aggressive or antagonistic barking, air snapping, growling, bites to skin with no tooth puncture, bites to skin with skin puncture and bites that require medical attention.


  1. Dangerous or Inclement Weather 

For the safety of the pets in our care and our staff, we may limit the amount of time spent outdoors. PCPSI reserves the right to modify, reschedule or cancel visits due to inclement weather conditions such as, but not limited to: 

  • Temperatures exceeding 98 degrees
  • Temperatures at freezing or below
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Icy conditions
  • Potential natural disasters

We do not provide credits for same-day cancellation requests by clients due to inclement weather unless there is an inherent safety issue to provide service.  Request to postpone or move a visit to a different time frame same day will incur an additional visit charge.


  1. Clients Receiving Recurring Visit Discounts.  

Clients who receive a discount for recurring visit services have several terms and conditions that apply specifically to them and those services.  They are as follows:

  • Changes in Client Usage Volume.  If a recurring weekly client currently qualifies for a discounted rate and falls below the minimum requirements for more than 2 weeks in a 4-week period, they will be moved to the next applicable rate.
    In any 4-week period, if a recurring weekly visit client increases and maintains this schedule, they may become eligible for a higher volume discount.
  • Cancellations.  Recurring service that falls on a national holiday must be canceled one week prior to the holiday in order to not be charged.


  1. Camera Policy.  

We welcome the client use of cameras in their home for security purposes.  However, PCPSI must be notified if there are cameras located in bathrooms or in bedrooms where a PCPSI staff member is spending the night for Overnight services, and told how to disable them.  


  1. Account Inactivity.

If you do not use PCPSI service for four years or longer, we will inactivate your online PCPSI account, and dispose of/destroy your keys and access devices.  If you have an unused service credit, it must be used within two years, or it is no longer valid.


  1. Images of Your Pet(s).  

From time to time we take pictures of client pets to use in our social media.  In these cases, we will not use photos that would identify you or the location of your home.  If you would like your pet to be excluded from photo use, please contact the PCPSI office.


Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of our Terms and Conditions.

By telephone: 214-828-0192

By email:

By mail: PCPSI, P.O. Box 141319, Dallas, TX 75214-1319