Fast. Convenient. Easy.  Isn’t that what we all want from the service providers we hire?  Of course it is!  Whether hiring a plumber or a Dallas dog walking company like Park Cities Pet Sitter, prospective customers want the experience to be pleasant, smooth and have the appropriate amount of time taken on the front end to ensure you receive the service you expect.

That is why we wanted to talk about our decades long practice of having a New Client Meeting for all new clients.  The “Ubers” of dog walking, Rover and Wag!, have done a pretty decent job of implying to prospective dog walking and pet sitting clients that it is okay to utilize their services without the client (and their pet) ever having met the dog walker or pet sitter that will come in their home.

Park Cities Pet Sitter can think of a million reasons why that is not the best of ideas.  We have prioritized client peace of mind, pet and employee safety and consistent service delivery in our approach to Dallas dog walking and pet sitting, and those values have allowed us to be the best reviewed company in our market.

That is why we thought it would be good to highlight why we believe a New Client Meeting is so important before you hire any Dallas dog walker.  Here are some of the invaluable things that can be addressed or identified by that simple meeting:

  • Address Pet Behavior Issues.   Determine if your client’s dog/pet has any behavior issues that will impact the service you provide.  Are they skittish around new people?  Sweet in the house but aggressive on leash?  Is the pet 100lbs or 8lbs?  Do they dislike having their paws touched (critical for cleaning wet paws)?  Has the owner’s arm almost been torn off whenever their beloved dog sees a squirrel?  Meeting the pet and client both, and being able to ask about these kind of things is critical for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.


  • Assess the Tools You Will Be Using.  Where does the pet owner keep the leash and poop bags?  Is the collar or harness they use for walking sized and fitted properly?  Do you know how to put on the harness they use?  Does the dog jumping around like crazy because they know they are about to go on a walk make it difficult to put on their harness or leash?  Addressing all of these issues in advance with the client allows your Dallas dog walker to best prepared.


  • Test Client Keys, Doors and Alarms.  Many households have keys that are difficult to use on certain doors, doors that lock funny, or alarms that aren’t intuitive.  A great service experience for a client definitely does NOT involve leaving a door unlocked or an alarm triggered, so testing these things with the client before service starts ensures good service delivery.


  • Knowing the Property. Is your home or front door difficult to find?  Are the trash bins you utilize in a weird location on your property?  Is your mailbox in an unobvious place?  Having your Dallas dog walker know how to access your property, and where to find the areas they need to utilize is important for great service.  Addressing the location of these “need-to-know” areas prior to service starting gives homeowners peace of mind.


  • Specific Client Requests. Every pet and home owner is very different.  Some want to know every detail of every visit you perform via a daily text; others don’t require check-in at all.  The owner of a sickly pet may have special requests, compared to the owner of a healthy pet.  Meeting the client in person, and asking their specific needs and preferences in your service delivery ensures your Dallas dog walker can meet or exceed your expectations.


  • Pet Familiarity. Many pets are wary of a stranger coming into their home, as they should be!  Meeting a pet with their owner beforehand makes the Dallas dog walker’s first visit (and future) visits safer for the dog walker and less anxiety producing for the pet.  In addition, in multi-pet households, it is often difficult to tell the difference between pets, so it is important for the pet owner to introduce each of them to their dog walker or pet sitter so that they give the appropriate food, medications, treats and or walks to the correct pets.

New Client Meetings are a no-brainer for pet owners that want the best dog walkers in Dallas to take care of their pets.  The best service is possible when you are thoroughly prepared, and that is what our New Client Meetings allow us to be!