Park Cities Pet Sitter has been Dallas’ go-to dog walking and pet sitting company for almost 30 years. We have been blessed to walk hundreds of Dallas dogs each month, and provide pet sitting services for multitudes of cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, pocket pets and fish, when their owners are out of town.

Owners of similar companies around the U.S. often ask the owner of Park Cities Pet Sitter, Joette White, how she was able to grow her company to the size it has become?  Was it due to investing in lots of Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and SEO?  Or did she get so many clients from attending tons of in-person, pet-oriented events?

While those things can be very important marketing tools to attract people who may be looking for a Dallas pet sitter or Dallas dog walker, it is through word-of-mouth and receiving referrals that Park Cities Pet Sitter has grown to be the largest Dallas dog walking and pet sitting company in the Metroplex.  Joette knows that if she is getting referrals from existing clients—and even from her own staff–that her team is providing the high level of service that she expects from them and that makes everyone on the PCPSI team puff up with pride.

Joette’s fundamental business philosophy starts though with taking good care of her staff and her clients.  She knows that if she is successful at those two things, then her staff and her clients will become raving fans of PCPSI, and want to tell others about the company and its dog walking and pet sitting services.

It sounds pretty simple, and it is!  PCPSI also incentivizes our “raving fans” by offering both staff and existing clients a $25 credit if they refer someone to the company that hires us to be their new Dallas dog walker or Dallas pet sitter.  While most of the time our client or staff member tell us they would refer a new client without a monetary incentive, most are surprised and grateful when we remind them that we will give them a $25 credit for doing so.

Because this is what we do.  We strive to provide every client we have a premier Dallas dog walker who is well-trained, detail-oriented, respectful and loves animals.  Or assign to them the most thoughtful Dallas pet sitter around, who is remarkably adept at bonding with the shyest of cats and the timidest of dogs—and provides reliable, consistent service, day in and day out.  If we are successful at doing those things, then we have done our job.  And we know that great service experiences aren’t a dime a dozen in this day and age, so we are thankful that so many of our clients have entrusted us with their friends and family members over the years, via a referral.

As this holiday season approaches, we hope you continue to have confidence in us, and that we have been able to give you peace of mind whenever we care for your pet and home.  If we have delivered that for you, please let us know if you know someone else that might enjoy that level of service from us as well.  And we will be happy to give you a $25 referral credit for that generous act.

We are grateful for all of our clients this Thanksgiving, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives.