“Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a

positive impact on others.”

– Shep Hyken


About a decade ago, we decided to try to document some of the fundamental things that made Park Cities Pet Sitter successful so that we could continue to maintain those actions and values as the company grew.  If we wanted to continue to maintain our reputation as the best Dallas dog walking and pet sitting company, we had to identify what we were doing right that allowed us to consistently grow the business.


One of the areas that we focused on during this moment of reflection was the type of work environment that we had, and the importance of putting our company culture in writing so that all managers and team members knew exactly what was expected as they worked every day.  Having our company culture documented was also a great way for our new Dallas dog walkers and pet sitters to understand that how we treat each other every day as we go about our work is just as important as the work itself.


Below are some of the most important principles that our Dallas dog walkers and pet sitters try to abide by every single day while working with us.  Let us know if you see these guiding principles in our staff members as they care for your pets!


Company Culture: How We Treat Coworkers


  • Be kind to yourself and others.
    • Remember we all make mistakes, so learn from them and try to not beat yourself up.
    • If you are feeling overwhelmed, pause and take a few deep breaths before proceeding.
    • Remember to think a few positive things about others and yourself periodically; how we talk to ourselves internally matters.


  • Be the type of person you needed as a mentor when you were new in a job.
    • If someone reaches out for advice on a situation be as helpful as you can be; even if you think it’s a silly request. If you don’t know how to help guide them to someone who may know.


  • Be honest and trustworthy.


  • Apologize if you think you have made a mistake, and even sometimes when you didn’t. This simple act defuses a lot of situations from needlessly escalating.


  • Remember we are a team; we want everyone on our team to succeed.
    • If you need help, ask. Even if you think it is silly, we want to help you and here to support you. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so always offer to help someone that is struggling.  Remember, it is always our preference to MANAGE someone into better performance instead of being quick to fire.


  • Watch how you talk about your fellow teammates. Set a good example in this regard.  We never want to speak badly about another sitter, the competition or a client.


  • Remember to say “please” and “thank you” often.


  • Remember to be gracious.


  • Communicate problems and concerns to people who can do something about it.


  • Be a good listener.


  • Try to view things from others’ perspectives.
    • If there is an issue with a fellow co-worker try to view things from their perspective. Ask for advice if you are unsure about how to resolve a situation with another co-worker.



Kindness is what permeates all of the above points, and is at the root of the company culture that Park Cities Pet Sitter’s President, Joette White, has modeled since she bought the company twenty years ago.  It is what has made the company successful with clients and staff alike.  Kindness is contagious if practiced daily, and is the one of the fundamental principles that has made PCPSI the best dog walking and pet sitting company in Dallas!