Have you ever thought about what it means for a cat to have an “enriched” life?  Cat enrichment is about stimulating their senses, and providing them outlets to do the things they want to do instinctually.  This is especially important now that cats are “mostly” domesticated, and aren’t roaming free, having to rely solely on themselves to meet all of their needs.

For example, today many cats’ food is now conveniently delivered to our doors by Pawtree or Chewy vs having to stalk birds and squirrels and other prey outdoors;  but a cat’s instinct to hunt is still innately inside them and should be acknowledged and given an outlet.

Often times cat owners don’t realize their cat even needs enrichment activities until their cat starts exhibiting unwanted behaviors.  Like acting aggressively, not using the litter box, or vocalizing in the middle of the night.

As Dallas’ best professional pet sitters, our staff go through training to learn the basics about cat behavior so we can take the best care of our clients’ cats and so that we can alert owners if a cat is exhibiting unusual behavior.  We are always on the lookout for the most up-to-date information on how to best care for cats—and dogs too!

That is why we thought you would find this list of “5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy” from our friends at Doc and Phoebe especially educational and interesting.  Take a look at their suggestions on how to ensure your cat is living their best life, and see if you can pick up a few tips to make your cat’s life more enriched.

Pretty interesting information, isn’t it?

As Dallas pet sitters, we regularly feed, play, clean out litter boxes and socialize with your cats.  We actually specialize in their daily enrichment!  That is often why cats who hide when anyone else comes over will often treat us like their best friends–because when we are at your home, we focus on them and their needs.  No wonder they are happy to see us!  So next time you go out of town, call PCPSI, Dallas’ best feline enrichment team to take care of your cat(s).  Hiring us will give you the peace of mind that your cats are happy, healthy and enriched, even when you are away.