It may (or may not) surprise you, but Park Cities Pet Sitter’s #1 source of new business is referrals from other customers; not from monies spent on advertising.  Why is that?  PCPSI’s President, Joette White, has always believed in what she calls “good old-fashioned customer service;” which to her is a compilation of: a positive attitude, good communication, timely responses, owning any mistakes, treating people with respect, being empathetic and doing what we say we are going to do.  It’s not rocket science, but this philosophy permeates everything Park Cities Pet Sitter does, and is the foundation for our success.

One of the fantastic side benefits of our focus on “good old-fashioned customer service” is that we have a lot of happy, long-term satisfied customers who absolutely adore our Dallas dog walking and pet sitting staff—treating many of them like family.  Which we love!

These amazing, loyal PCPSI customers also like to tell other people about our dog walking and pet sitting services.  After all, when you find a company that you can implicitly entrust to come into your home and to care for your beloved four-legged (and sometime three-legged) furry family members—it’s the kind of thing you do want to share.  Because it’s rare.

This is why Park Cities Pet Sitter has always had a referral program for all of its customers.  If you are a Park Cities Pet Sitter customer, and you refer someone new to use our local Dallas dog walking and pet sitting services, we will give you a $25 service credit on your account when that referred individual uses our service for the first time.  It’s a win-win!  You get “free” pet sitting or dog walking, and your friends or family get the peace of mind of knowing they have hired a stable, quality company who has been around for almost thirty years.

Right now, there are many people who have adopted a dog or cat(s) during the pandemic, and now that COVID rates are declining, they are ready to finally go on a vacation.  And, there are also many people that have been working from home for the last year, that are finally able to return to the office—and thus they need a Dallas dog walking service for their pup(s).  If you know people like this, and they live in our service area, please refer them to us!  Make sure they tell us who referred them, and we will make sure you get your $25 service credit.

We look forward to caring for your pets this summer, and beyond!