One of the many benefits of being professional pet sitters is that we get to see a wide variety of pet products that owners are using for their pets, and in their homes. Because we do get this exposure to so many pet products, we are also often asked what products “work best” or are our favorites.  So today we are going to highlight some of the pet products that have stood out to our team of Dallas dog walkers and pet sitters.

  1. The Lucidium Pen by Clearly Loved Pets (

There are many reasons a pet may need to be contained while inside their home.  For their safety, as a designated sleeping area, or to keep animals separated during feeding times are all good examples.  Whatever the reason, we love the Lucidium Pen by Clearly Loved Pets because they are spacious, have acrylic sides and are aesthetically gorgeous.  They look great set up in a living room, bedroom or a quiet corner, and the pet doesn’t feel separated from their family due to the see-through acrylic sides.  We want our pets with us as much as possible, so this is a décor-friendly, roomy solution to keeping them contained when necessary while not disturbing the aesthetic of your home.  Plus they are modular, so you can make them as big as you want!  Many people also decorate them, almost like a child’s nursery—making them a unique, fun statement area for your beloved pet.

  1. Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats (

Our Dallas dog walkers and pet sitters are accustomed to giving regular treats to the dogs we care for.  Some of the best quality treats in terms of ingredients, that also have a really fun branding style, are those from Bocce’s Bakery.  Bocce’s dog treat recipes use real food ingredients, and no fillers of any kind.  They limit the overall number of ingredients in their treats, and only use foods that people recognize and can pronounce the names of easily – like oat flour, bananas and real peanut butter.

They also have really catchy and fun product names lie “Good Hair,” “Bye Bye Stinkies” and “Birthday Cake,” plus Seasonal offerings like “Lumps of Coal” and “Nutty Mummies.” With Crunchy Biscuits, Soft & Chewy, Training, Functional/Wellness, Jerky and Seasonal dog treat categories to choose from—there is a treat for every dog’s palette.

  1. PetFusion Cat Scratcher (

Our Dallas pet sitters take care of a lot of cats.  If you have a cat, no home is complete without at least several cat scratchers.  The more cat scratchers a home has, the less likely the cat(s) will use your furniture to scratch on instead.  That is why we love the PetFusion Cat Scratchers.  They have interesting shapes and styles, and come in Walnut Brown, Cloud White and Slate Gray—so they go with any décor.  We love the Infinity shape, the Triangle and the Jumbo version that looks like a classy cat coffee  Get one for each room and your cat has both furniture and a scratcher that will make them happy for years!

Pawtree Hairball Support Plus. (

As professional pet sitters, there are a few “unglamourous” parts of our job.  Cleaning up cat hairballs is near the top of that list.  That is why we are big fans of Pawtree’s Hairball Support Plus cat supplements.  Two of these heart-shaped supplement treats per day will not only have your cats meowing for more, but they significantly reduce and prevent hairballs with their combination of fiber and natural oils.  Please, all of our Dallas cat sitters beg you to get them if you are struggling with cat hairballs!

  1. Gourmet Hays from Small Pet Select. (

Our team of Dallas pet sitters love taking care of small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits.  That is why many of our team members love the hays from Small Pet Select.  Small Pet Select has fresh Alfalfa hay for young piggies and fresh Timothy, Oat and Orchard hays for older piggies.  Pet owners love the auto ship program the company has too, so the freshest hays are delivered at regular intervals to your door.  They are super nutritious and are sure to make any guinea pig or rabbit run around in excited circles!

(image by Small Pet Select)

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the often-mentioned pet supplies seen and used by our team of Dallas pet professionals.  Let us know if you have tried any of these products—and what you think about them—in the comments!